“Magda is THE BEST… I have been a client of hers for over two years…I wouldn’t have it any other way. Magda is great a what she does and she makes you forget that you’re getting a wax done. Magda takes her time and makes sure her clients are satisfied in the end. Thanks Magda for all that you do.”
Tanisha C.

“I really enjoyed my visit with Magda. She is amazing! She made me feel very comfortable. She’s my new waxing specialist. Thank God I found her. -T. Bell”
Tk B.

“I really enjoyed my visit with Magda. She is amazing! She made me feel very comfortable. She’s my new waxing specialist. Thank God I found her. -T. Bell”
Tk B.

“Magda is amazing!!! You can tell she is truly passionate about her job and values each of her clients. Today was my first visit with her and she did such a great job! No pain, super easy to speak to and doesn’t make the experience uncomfortable. Thank you Annie for the referral! ”
Starlet W.

“She’s the best there is at Brazilian Wax!!! Love her, she’s professional, caring and so down to earth! Her spirit is amazing… I’ve been coming to her for 2 years now and will continue to be a dedicated client!!”
Niya A.

“I’d just about given up on waxing. Previous visits had involved raw skin, pain, long tedious seasons that seamed to go on forever. With a last ditch attempt, I booked with Magda. I’m still in shock on how great an experience it was. Minimal pain and it took 1/3 the time the other places had done. I felt completely relaxed, like I was visiting. Next thing I know, we’re done. Magda has restored my faith. I’m sold. ”
James M.

“Magda is the best skin specialist that I have ever been to. She is so personable and pays such close attention to detail. I am always satisfied with results!”
Leah S.

“Magda is not only the best waxer in Buckhead, but she is also one of the kindest people I have ever met in the world! I am constantly sending her referrals and I swear to you… not one of them has NOT returned back to her. I feel so much more confident in my skin since I have been seeing her. ”
Peter Samuel L.

“I went for my first wax ever in life at 33 years old, all because i had a bad wax experience with my eyebrow. I’m so glad that my bestie brought me along for the ride!!!  Although it was a little painful… Magda was pleasant, patient, and kept me entertained so that i wouldn’t focus on the task at hand!!!!  I will most definitely be back and just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for such an awesome experience!!!!!”
Shatara B.

“Magda is simply the BEST! I can expect an awesome full body wax every time I set an appointment. She has never disappointed me. She makes me feel like family! I couldn’t see myself allowing anyone else to wax me. She’s amazing. I’m so proud of Magda and her accomplishments. The future has so much in store for her. She never has to worry about me not being loyal. I’m not going anywhere. ”
India J.

“I recently relocated to ATL. My first appointment with Magda went great she is very nice, and professional. I love how clean and health caution she was!! I will be back!! ”
Brittany J.

“Magda is an expert at waxing. There is very little pain or irritation with the way she waxes your tender spots. I’ve been getting her full body wax special for over 7 years now. From the first session she made me feel comfortable and at ease. I call her a friend, family, and therapist. She has me as a client for life!!”
Linda K.

“Magda is a Brazilian Wax Expert Esthetician. She is always happy and has great advice about your skin. It is great to see her every month for a Brazilian Wax. She has amazed so many clients over the last 6 years. WEE WC”
Wee W.